Ministry and Fellowship Groups

Church Ministry Groups serve the church in a variety of facets. The groups organize, facilitate, and grow our church family. 

  • Christian Education - offers Bible study to adults, as well as the work with the church's children. 
  • Worship - helping to create an atmosphere to grow closer to God
  • Stewardship - working to use the finances God has blessed us with the way He intends
  • Outreach and Community Service - serving our church, community, and the world around us
  • Membership - growing and fostering our church family
  • Evangelism - reaching out with Christ's love to our community
  • Elders - fostering members' relationship with Christ through communication, both in and out of the church service  
  • Deacons - being the hands and feet of Christ during worship
  • Property - taking care of our church for it to stand over time
  • Technology - connecting our church to the growing technology advances in our World


Christian’s Men’s Fellowship (CMF) is an active group of dedicated men of the church involved in fellowship, ministry and local and world missions.  Through its efforts the CMF has sponsored special music services, provided support and care for the members of the congregation, and assisted with financial support for special projects and church programs.

The CMF meets for breakfast at the church on the third Saturday of each month. It is an informal time for the men of the congregation to enjoy fellowship together and provides a great way for newcomers to get connected.


Christian Women’s Fellowship (CWF):  In Peter 4:10 we are told, "As each has received a gift, employ it for one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace."

The mission of the Christian Women's Fellowship (CWF) of Greenfield Christian Church is to provide opportunities for spiritual growth, enrichment, education, and creative ministries to enable women to develop a sense of personal responsibility for the whole mission of the church of Jesus Christ.   

Membership of CWF includes all women members of Greenfield Christian, as well as others who accept the purpose of the fellowship and who share in its worship, study, and/or service activities.

Membership is divided into four circles who usually meet on the first Tuesday of each month for study and fellowship.  However, times and places may vary as agreed upon within the individual circles.  The circles hold one combined meeting each September.  Circles are named after four women of the Bible:  Naomi, Ruth, Rebekah, and Dorcas.   

The CWF is led by an Executive Committee comprised of elected and appointed officers:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Study and Worship Director, Historian, Librarian, Service Directors, and Circle Leaders.

CWF activities and programs include:

  • Donating time and money to global, national, and local missions work.
  • Focusing on social issues such as rehabilitation from drug abuse, human trafficking, and domestic violence.
  • Contributing to and maintaining the church library.
  • Conducting fundraisers, such as special luncheons,  catered meals, and slightly-used boutique sales.
  • Hosting church and community fellowship events, such as a Spring Youth Brunch, Thanksgiving dinners, Breakfast with Santa.
  • Serving funeral and other special dinners.
  • Sponsoring the Annual Spirit Sowers Grant for one woman member of Greenfield Christian who is seeking to enrich her spiritual life or to further an outreach project that has a religious basis in the community.
  • Conducting annual women’s spiritual retreats.
  • Participating in women’s events and missions of the Disciples of Christ. 


Youth Fellowship Groups provide opportunities for middle school and high school age youth to come and receive words of encouragement and to learn more about following Jesus.  It is our vision that youth who participate in our various programs…

  • Are confident in their personal faith and equipped to defend challenges to it.
  • Seek others of faith to support their personal walk with Jesus.
  • Possess a heart for service and mission.
  • Are generous, loving, tolerant, inquisitive, and hopeful.
  • Are grounded in the way of Jesus Christ and the word of God.
  • Are open to God’s guidance.
  • Are prepared to participate in the full life of the church.


The Elders of Greenfield Christian Church are comprised of 12 individuals with diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and skills who have a deep faith and are called to serve the congregation in a variety of ways by: 

  • Attending services regularly and serve at the Communion Table with prayers for Communion.
  • Promoting the spiritual growth through prayer, education, support, and service to those in the hospital, nursing homes, and residences to offer prayer, serve Communion, and keep them connected with the church family
  • Sending cards
  • Calling the shut-ins
  • Serving on other committees, being worship leaders, and assisting wherever needed
  • Conducting special services and programs throughout the year:

            -  Prayer vigil during Good Friday

            -  Card ministries for Valentines' Day and Christmas

            -  Service of healing

            -  Service of Remembrance in December

Please feel free to call on any Elder if you need prayer, request Communion, or need a visit when hospitalized, in a nursing home, or at home. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, some visits may not be appropriate to maintain safety for everyone.  We will do our best to accommodate all requests. 

Your 2021 Elders are: Carolyn McCracken, Sue Lowery, Sharon Livingston, Mary Levering, Jaye Smith, Sandy Hall, Jediah Gapp, David Livingston, Steve Foreman, Eric Amback, Dave Klene, and Larry McGuire




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